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Legacy Club


The Legacy Club aspires to strengthen the Newport Harbor Water Polo community, not only by connecting former players with the program and with each other, but also by connecting former players to current Junior and Senior NHHS Water Polo players through mentoring and summer job/internship opportunities.

The rich tradition of Newport Harbor Water Polo has produced hundreds of successful alumni in a diverse field of professions – real estate, finance, law, architecture, entertainment, technology, business, marketing, engineering, construction, medicine, journalism – the list goes on and on. The collective knowledge and experience of our water polo alumni is a powerful asset, with the potential to make a profound impact on current players looking to develop their understanding of the world beyond the pool and classroom.

With their firsthand knowledge of the physical and mental commitment that comes with playing water polo at Newport Harbor, Legacy Club members are in a unique position to provide insight and guidance to our student-athletes, who are making important first decisions about the direction their lives will take. Through mentoring or summer employment/internships, alumni can help current players explore potential careers, develop skills, and build confidence in a work environment. And the benefits are a two-way street – while the student-athletes gains work experience and advice from a valued adult role model, Legacy Club members gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction by positively impacting the life of a young water polo player.

If you are interested in providing a summer job/internship or learning more about mentoring a Junior or Senior NHHS Water Polo Sailor, please email Coach Ross Sinclair – rsinclair4@gmail.com.